Jasna Vukos is a Serbian born photographer and retoucher. She has graduated at Sapienza University,  in Rome, Italy and has obtained a Master’s Degree in Digital Arts, in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Having changed country, continent, and language multiple times has strongly influenced both her and her work. Identity is the main topic of her photography. For the past years she has been working on a series of self-portraits in hotel rooms.

Her“cinematic” photos aim to illustrate the artificial nature of concepts "place" and "identity". They are not spontaneous and natural but are realized through the process that involves setting the stage, placing oneself in a non-place. 

Her work has been exhibited at: BPM - Belgrade Photo Month Photography Festival (2023), BBA Gallery, in Berlin (Germany), in the 2021 New Currents exhibition; World Biennale of Student Photography in Novi Sad (Serbia) in 2021 (Master’s degree student in digital arts); Belgrade Photo Month Photography Festival in 2021; TorontoOctober Art Salon in 2014; Festival Internazionale di Roma 2012; Scotiabank CONTACTPhotography Festival in 2010 and 2011. One of her photos was Life Framer’s editors pick in2019 Photography Competition. In 2020 she collaborated with 4film Production on a social campaign for a society without violence. 

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