THANK YOU Life Framer for including my image in Editor's Pick!

This is the series of self-portraits in hotel rooms that I have visited for work or for personal reasons. Hotels are particularly interesting for me as they almost materialize this feeling of a “non-place” of “being nowhere”. They are places of transition, in which we are almost levitating, or taking a break, before we actually find our “place” somewhere. Hotels are places where our identity, as we know it, can vanish, and where we can, at least for a moment, forget who we are and where we come from, where we can feel free from our roots. Being a nomad myself and having changed my home, country, language, even continent multiple times, I feel that a hotel is a place where all these identities that I feel within can co-exist. It gives me the opportunity to understand that identity has many layers, and that It is a mobile, and not a fixed structure, like we normally believe. Strangely enough, while looking at my images now, I have noticed that they have that feel of isolation, as if they were made during this period. This makes me think that maybe these two apparent opposites, being without a place and being isolated in one place, are almost the same.

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