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I am Jasna Vukos, photographer and retoucher living in West end Toronto. I have graduated and worked in Rome, Italy, a place that strongly influenced both my work, and me as a person. That beautiful city, where I've lived for 13 years, left me with an urge for beauty that I am constantly looking for or trying to recreate around me. Is there anything more beautiful than people celebrating love! Where everyone becomes a sharp dresser :)  I myself have crossed the ocean for love, so you can tell that I like to push myself out of my comfort zone (for love)!

My work has been exhibited at Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto and at MACRO (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma) in Rome.

BANNER IMAGE COURTESY OF JASNA VUKOS www.jasnav.com / @jasna_vukos

This is from a series of self-portraits in hotel rooms that I have visited for work or for personal reasons. Hotels are particularly interesting for me as they almost materialize this feeling of a “non-place” of “being nowhere”. They are places of transition, in which we are almost levitating, or taking a break, before we actually find our “place” somewhere. Hotels are places where our identity, as we know it, can vanish, and where we can, at least for a moment, forget who we are and where we come from, where we can feel free from our roots. Being a nomad myself and having changed my home, country, language, even continent multiple times, I feel that a hotel is a place where all these identities that I feel within can co-exist. It gives me the opportunity to understand that identity has many layers, and that it is a mobile, and not a fixed structure, like we normally believe.

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